Between Starfalls: Blog Tour

Last but not the least, welcome to my stop for the #HiveReadsOnTour for S.Kaeth‘s Between Starfalls. This amazing tour was organized by none other than the brilliant Kriti (seriously go check her blog) and do check out the other blog stops on WriteHive! Blurb Never leave the path. It’s sacred law, punishable by exile. When […]

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crowded Times Square

The New Norm – Post Pandemic

What do you feel when you see the image above? I feel suffocated and nauseated. The world is six months into a Global Pandemic and all ways of life (and business) are holding on until when this will “be over”. But, even if it all does end, can the way of life be ever the […]

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Writer In Motion

I came across the hashtag #writerinmotion on twitter and was immediately drawn to it. And then for the next two-ish hours I was blog hopping trying to get more information and if it’s my interest speaking or my curiosity. Turns out its both my interest and curiosity. If you enjoy writing and been wanting to […]

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