Having recently watched Avenger: Endgame, when I saw this book tag on Lauren’s Blog @ Fiction Tea, I immediately thought of doing it.

Don’t Worry, this post will not have any spoilers.

Iron Man | A book that made you laugh out loud

Hmm, I don’t really read comedy books, but I remember laughing while reading The Lies of Locke Lamora, although I have yet to finish it.

Locke is witty and smart at all the things that would land him in trouble. Watching him getting in and out trouble is always a good laugh.


Captain America | A book positive message

After much thinking, I choose the Six of Crows series. As the series progresses on we come to know the characters weakness and how they strive despite it.

All the cast of characters is just to wonderful, plus this book includes a heist, so there is that.


Thor | A book with a character’s strength you admire

I have to choose my all time favorite book, The Name of the Wind, since I admire the MC so freaking much!

This book is truly a must read, do check it out if you haven’t. It has all the elements of a perfect epic fantasy.


Hulk | A book that makes you incredibly angry

Oh I have this one ready! It was the Red Queen Series. I just can’t get over how annoying the MC is and how angry the book made me.

Some characters are smart, some are well-written, some are developed over-time…. she was neither.


Black Widow | A book with a kick ass female protagonist

There are so many to chose from! But the one with stands out is Air Awakens Series. The MC is determined, brave, and will stand up to do the right thing.

Best thing? this series has a sequel series with even a stronger female protagonist!


Hawkeye | An underrated book that people should pay more attention to:

The Night Circus, Seriously. I’ve read reviews that many DNF’ed the book. Y’all are missing out on this hidden gem of a book.

While I was reading it at first, I was terribly confused, but when things started falling in place and everything started to make sense, I just love this book!


Bonus: Loki | A book with a twist or surprise that tricked you:

For this one, I’ll have to go with The Inheritance Cycle. This books is so well written, I never saw any plot twists come, and could never guess the ending.

This book basically made me fall in love with Dragons. You won’t regret picking up this one.


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