I still tend to call myself a ‘recent graduate’ even tough it’s been a year since I finished graduate-school – guess that the saying is true then – “Once a student always a student” (by Medbh Mcguckian)

So how has ‘work life’ been for me?

To start with – it is boring and tiring. But, it is exciting to see how my ‘theoretical knowledge’ comes to play in the real-world.

The Adjustment Phase
The transition period from student-to-work life is the toughest in my opinion. I never quite understood what I’m supposed to achieve, during my internship, and what was exactly expected of me. It was a learning curve, and I’m glad that is came to an end.
PROS: Learning something new every day
CONS: Feeling your confidence drop, as you struggle while learning the work (and being reminded that you are ‘so’ young, and getting an everyday does of ‘when I was your age…’)

The Getting-Used-To-It Phase
This is when things get a little easy because you have found your groove. You like the new routine and have managed to make friends at your workplace.
PROS: Getting back your confidence since you understand the work, and are in-sync with your office team.
CONS: This phase is often short-lived, as all good things come to an end.

The Routine Phase
Now you are a regular 9-to-5 workaholic.
PROS: You know the work and the organization well, and visa-versa
CONS: Routine can turn boring. Since you know the organization too well, you’ll constantly have to wiggle your way through to avoid any office-politics.

Last Minute advice to recent graduates

  • Smile and Nod: Even if you hate hat person, or have no idea what you are doing, remember you never know if they/it might end up helping you in the long-term.
  • Ask Questions: I found it very helpful to ask smart questions, either you will understand the work a bit more, or at least get a hint of what is expected of you.
  • Never Stop Learning: Always stay hungry for more knowledge, and pursue higher education based on your career goals.

And always remember: never, never, never give up – Winston Churchill


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