The Bridge Kingdom: Review

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I picked this book solely because it had the enemies-to-lovers trope. I’ve read Danielle L. Jensen’s The Malediction Trilogy (expect book 3 which I’ve yet to finish). While both series are somewhat similar, I liked this one more.

The world building is on a larger scale, across several islands/cultures, and that makes for an interesting political intrigue. A map would have been a great help to clarify the whole movement from one place to the next and the inner details of the bridge itself. I felt those were a little lacking in its clarity.

The characters were good, from Lara, to Aren, and Ahnna. Each had their own motivation and stayed true to their character through the plot twists. The tropes used were classic and not surprising when they did come. The pacing was okay and suited the story progression. The cliffhanger at the end changed everything, and I’m looking forward to book 2 so much more!

Overall 3.5 stars out of 5.

Writer In Motion is Back

What started as a summer project for Jeni and Kat, has now expanded to much more and I couldn’t be happier. Now, #WriterInMotion has gotten its own shiny blog and forum! Click here to check it out, and here for its own Twitter Page.

For those of you who followed my blog series in the summer, know what this all about. (Curious on how my WiM-Round 1 was? just click here).

For the new peeps out there, Writer-In-Motion shows a journey of a writer from an ugly first draft through its refining process to a polished final draft, over a course of 4 weeks.

The Prompt and First Impressions

It’s always exciting to have a new prompt to ponder over and let your creative juices flow. For this WiM, I was equally excited… until I saw the prompt. (Sorry, Jeni!)

The photo was way too simple for any hyped up plot. For the next couple of days, I kept going back to it and staring at it for minutes before closing it angrily.

The Prompt Photo for WiM Round 2

That was until today. Today, I looked at it from a perspective I knew best: fantasy. I could see a keyhole vision of the beginnings of a new world and the ‘fictional’ elements that I could add to it.

Why is she holding a flare? Is it a flare? Why is she wearing black? It looks like it may rain. Where is this place? Why is it a ‘she’? Is she protesting, rebelling, or something? What’s her expression like?

For the the fictional elements, they slowly came to me while was listening to my regular youtube mix of “Epic Battle Music” – to specify it was Ivan Torrent – Facing Fears. I’m thinking in what ways can this seemingly normal photo become extraordinary. Is she calling to someone or something using the flare? The photo seems to emit positive vibes, yet she wears black and doesn’t look that happy. The more I’m thinking about it, more plot ideas are born, while I run out of time to write. The timeline for WiM Round 2 is as follows:

The Timeline

All the best to all #writerinmotion (twitter hashtag) participants and can’t wait to read the first drafts coming out this weekend! (Edit: I never actually had the time to complete the challenge)


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The Wicked King: Review

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At the end of Book 1 we see Jude and Cardan get into a magical bargain for 1 year and 1 day. At the start of the Wicked King, the time has fast forwarded to almost half that time. Jude’s and Cardan’s relationship has also evolved to a temporary truce of some sorts and Jude is becoming more and more trapped within Emberfall and the sources surrounding it, threatening the throne. This book had more betrayals and politics involved, which I enjoyed.

This book was a major drag! I was about to DNF it at the 30% mark but stuck with it because all the hype I heard about the ending. The plot-twist at the end was, in fact, unpredictable. However, this book still didn’t emotionally attach me to any of the characters, maybe except to Cardan, if only a little.

Overall 3.5 over 5 stars.

The Cruel Prince: Review

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I first picked this book thinking it’s similar to ACOTAR. This was slightly similar but a whole lot of different, so I can’t actually compare the two.

The book revolves around Jude, youngest of three sisters and identical twin of the second. She is determined and feisty. Her goals are well-established from the beginning of the story and she works towards them even in her unconventional situation – human girl who grew up in the Emberfall.

Cardan is the youngest of the crown princes to the throne of Emberfall. He is snobbish, arrogant and well – cruel.

The writing was okay-ish, I felt it had parts where is was dragging and didn’t complement the plot that much. Even as the story unfold to the ‘big’ revel, I didn’t feel I’m emotionally connected with any of the characters. The world building was better than expected, but I can’t say it’s my favorite version of faerieland.

Overall 3.5 over 5 stars. I’ll be continuing the series.

A Curse So Dark and Lonely: Review


I’m always ready to read a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and this one did not disappoint. It’s very much based on the main source but the new elements and the modern twist blend in seamlessly.

The characters are well developed and have distinct personalities which both clash and compliment each other to take the story forward. Harper is strong-willed, smart and simple. The best part is that she doesn’t let her disability control her. Rhen, in contrast, is a complicated character. We never see him fully for what he is and what he is thinking or planning. While this keep him in a mysterious vibe, it slightly takes away from connecting with him too much. Grey, on the other hand, was more open and as a character, we came to know more about him.

The writing is smooth, well-paced with the right amount of descriptions. The romance is gradual and quite slow burning! World building is simple, compared to other retellings I’ve read. That plot twist towards the end didn’t catch me entirely by surprise but now I’ll have to wait for book 2 to come out.

Overall 4 out of 5 stars.