What started as a summer project for Jeni and Kat, has now expanded to much more and I couldn’t be happier. Now, #WriterInMotion has gotten its own shiny blog and forum! Click here to check it out, and here for its own Twitter Page.

For those of you who followed my blog series in the summer, know what this all about. (Curious on how my WiM-Round 1 was? just click here).

For the new peeps out there, Writer-In-Motion shows a journey of a writer from an ugly first draft through its refining process to a polished final draft, over a course of 4 weeks.

The Prompt and First Impressions

It’s always exciting to have a new prompt to ponder over and let your creative juices flow. For this WiM, I was equally excited… until I saw the prompt. (Sorry, Jeni!)

The photo was way too simple for any hyped up plot. For the next couple of days, I kept going back to it and staring at it for minutes before closing it angrily.

The Prompt Photo for WiM Round 2

That was until today. Today, I looked at it from a perspective I knew best: fantasy. I could see a keyhole vision of the beginnings of a new world and the ‘fictional’ elements that I could add to it.

Why is she holding a flare? Is it a flare? Why is she wearing black? It looks like it may rain. Where is this place? Why is it a ‘she’? Is she protesting, rebelling, or something? What’s her expression like?

For the the fictional elements, they slowly came to me while was listening to my regular youtube mix of “Epic Battle Music” – to specify it was Ivan Torrent – Facing Fears. I’m thinking in what ways can this seemingly normal photo become extraordinary. Is she calling to someone or something using the flare? The photo seems to emit positive vibes, yet she wears black and doesn’t look that happy. The more I’m thinking about it, more plot ideas are born, while I run out of time to write. The timeline for WiM Round 2 is as follows:

The Timeline

All the best to all #writerinmotion (twitter hashtag) participants and can’t wait to read the first drafts coming out this weekend! (Edit: I never actually had the time to complete the challenge)


Photo Credit: Visual Hunt .com

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