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At the end of Book 1 we see Jude and Cardan get into a magical bargain for 1 year and 1 day. At the start of the Wicked King, the time has fast forwarded to almost half that time. Jude’s and Cardan’s relationship has also evolved to a temporary truce of some sorts and Jude is becoming more and more trapped within Emberfall and the sources surrounding it, threatening the throne. This book had more betrayals and politics involved, which I enjoyed.

This book was a major drag! I was about to DNF it at the 30% mark but stuck with it because all the hype I heard about the ending. The plot-twist at the end was, in fact, unpredictable. However, this book still didn’t emotionally attach me to any of the characters, maybe except to Cardan, if only a little.

Overall 3.5 over 5 stars.

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