I recently participated in a blog series hosted by Fadwa (Twitter: @wordwoonders) and Adiba (Twitter: @adiba_j). The topic I chose was ‘What Drives me to write”.

We all write at at one time or another and for many different reasons. Some write to express their feelings, some write to pass their time. Writing is a form of art and everyone has their own way of doing it. There is no ‘write’ or wrong it in. Its thoughts, formed in words, formed in sentences, expressing a relatable or inspiring story. Other than expressing oneself or evoking feelings, another reason which is at the forefront to promote inclusion in all its forms is to read ‘ownvoices’ and for that we write, we write to represent ourselves and the stories unique to our identities.

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About the blog series

(Below is taken directly from WordWoonders Blog):

Muslim Voices Rise Up, a month-long project taking place during Ramadan where Muslim authors and bloggers share their experiences on various topics. This project is dedicated to centering Muslim experiences and showcasing the diversity within our own narratives. You can find more info, along with other blog posts for this project, on the introduction post here.


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