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Rare Blood is a New Adult Paranormal Romance. It is what initially made me accept the ARC of it. However, it hasn’t lived up to my expectations as far as I’ve read it.

The book starts of with a prologue set in the year 1306. It has a mysterious and dark vibe to it, and I loved it. The chapter starts of with first-person narrative of the Main female character, Miranda. She is a young author who got her first break and happens to sign another writing contract as her circumstances called for. The main male character, Tristan, is also simultaneously introduced.

Tristan, he is a conniving Vampire who does anything for his own good and has now taken interest in Miranda. Miranda is a quirky next-door girl, with a lot of attitude that was honestly too much and often went to the annoying-whiny side. Whenever they meet, it’s mostly pointless banter which issues spanning a lot of pages; He wants her to ‘work’ with him willingly – and his way to convince her includes part-harassing-part-bribing, and She would oppose him at every little thing – only to go with his wishes in the very end.

Some issues that stood out to me were: 1) Tristan is a vampire and has lived for hundred-some years, why doesn’t he know the best way to approach her, especially when he has been watching her!? 2) Miranda’s opinions would change so quickly sometimes within the same chapter that she appeared to be bipolar. At first, she would do and say anything to oppose him, yet when she would finally agree, it would be a simple ‘okay’. I felt that contradicted her character a lot and the pacing of it all, felt weird.

Other issues that made me drop it were the overall pacing of events. The plot seemed to drag on forever with no real path of where it’s headed. Also, the chapters would have third-person narrative start abruptly without any sign to where Miranda’s narrative ended and where the other scene began. Some conflicts would be introduced suddenly, while others had no clear end. As for the side characters, I think they were the only strong points of the whole plot, who acted true to their characters.

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars.

**I received a free copy from Kate Tilton Author Services in exchange for an honest review**

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