Cluttered Table?
Scrambled Closet?
Mixed up Schedule?

I’ve had all three at some point, and occasionally still do. Now, however, it doesn’t end up in utter chaos as it used to. Super fancy and expensive storage boxes are the last thing that you should buy. There are a ton of DIY things you can do and make it look better.

The cluttered Table.
With studying and crafting I would do, any size of table would soon be consumed under all the mess, and cleaning it would be a nightmare. I’m using a plastic box with adjustable dividers for my Crafting materials, like threads and needles. For my notes I use simple folders and a file box. To make it more convenient, I further categorized the folders as “Subjects” and the file box as “School Term”. This is something that works for me. Of course you can store them the way you see fit.

The Scrambled Closet
Whenever I would look for something to wear, I wouldn’t find it unless I take out some ten other clothes, and putting them back were a hassle, so they ended up on the ‘chair’. I then sorted my clothes to ‘daily used’ to ‘only on occasions’. The latter ones and the seasonal ones, like heavy coats, would then be moved to the trunk, so I’ll have more space in the closet. Since I have a three-panel wardrobe, all my jeans and skirts are in the right side, and all shirts and dresses are in the left panel. While my daily wear are folded and stacked in the third (horizontal) panel. This way, if I’m looking for a dress, I’d have all my dresses next to each other and not all over my room.

The Mixed up Schedule
I used to jot down my To Do List on my phone, but that didn’t work out so well with me, especially when I was working part time with irregular flexible hours and having night classes. I used a Daily Planner (I personally like this one). I could keep my notes sorted and I view my whole week at once so it helped scheduling my other activities as well.

Have fun trying out which way works better for you, and remember being consistent is the key, not perfect.




Photo via Visual Hunt

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