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This was quite hyped when it first came out. I saw this on Kindle Unlimited and instantly picked it up.

The plot is simple and engaging but the writing is a bit – awkward, it kept disconnecting with me. The plot points are clearly there for the sole reason of giving an ‘example’ of the situation being explained.

For example, during the Barrow Lord fight scene, it depicts the sickness that has taken over the fairy courts. – and that was the only scene where ‘sickness’ is shown to exist. While the descriptions were vivid it didn’t clarify if was due to the ‘sickness’ in the fairy courts or that’s the way it’s always been like.

The characters were likable, but they also were not that well-developed. The ending was predictable yet satisfying.

Recommended for fans of The Cruel Prince and Uprooted.

Overall, 3.5 over 5 stars.

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