It’s been a week since I’ve posted my final draft, and honestly I haven’t had the time to return back to it to continue it further. Nor I’ve had the time to read the final submissions, which totally sucks.

What I missed in this past week are the brilliant authors who’ve come together to make this possible:

Jeni Chappelle  | K. J. Harrowick (Blog 1 & Blog 2) | Jen Karner | H.M. Braverman | J.M. Jinks | Melissa Bergum | Thuy Nguyen | Kristen Howe | Kathryn Hewitt | Sean Willson | Paulette Wiles | Ellen Mulholland | Sheri MacIntyre | Jessica Lewis | Susan Burdorf | Stephanie Whitaker | Dawn Currie | Megan Van Dyke | SKaeth | Ari Augustine | M. Dalto | Sheryl Stein | Belinda Grant | Coffee QuillsCarly Hayward | Maria Tureaud | Justine Manzano

What I Learned

#WriterinMotion was a learning curve. What I considered as once of the final steps; the completion of the first draft, is only a milestone and the real work begins after that. From self-editing to feedback from Critiquing Partner and finally the corrections from your editors.

Each of those step are important in the whole writing process. And my respect to authors has renewed after I went to the (short-version) of the process and how much hard work from so many people goes into writing each book.

Moving forward

I’m filled with motivation to return to my shelves drafts and look at them from new eyes, after what I’ve learned from #Writerinmotion. I expect to restart from scratch since there is so much to do before actually sitting down to write it.

But first, I plan to continue my draft from Writer in Motion of course. What started from just a photo prompt has been evolving into something so much more in my mind and I can’t wait to let it out on paper.

Last but not the least, thanks to Jeni and K.J for spearheading the whole project and I can’t wait until they host something else.

Past links

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The Process

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Draft 3 – Critiqued Draft

Draft 4 – Professionally-edited Final Draft


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