The very first unedited draft is due on 15th June and I’m so nervous. I’ve written short stories and I’ve done photo prompts. But not both together and that too with a bunch of other authors. On the bright side, however, I’m excited to read theirs as well!

Plotter, Plantser, or Pantser

Plotter is most self explanatory. If you plan and outline everything before actually beginning to write, then you are a Plotter.

On the other hand, if you let your character create the story and have no idea where your story will take you, then you are a Pantser.

Plantser is somewhere in between the two. You plan some parts of your writing piece, it could be the setting or some of the scenes, then you let your story fall into place as it progresses.

For my short story for #WriterInMotion, I word vomited a setting and then went back to add characters and dialogues. I was itching to edit it, so I jumped ahead to self-edit the draft (for Week 2) which will be posting on 22nd June. (Genre, Title and word count will be revealed on Saturday’s post along with the first draft).

I saw this Writing Style Alignments (below) on twitter, made by @cheyannealepka. Based on that, I consider myself a “Chaotic Plantser“.

Image Photos Text

Mood Board

I had free time on my hand, so I created an aesthetic mood board (because who doesn’t want a mood board!) inspired by my first draft.

Let me know what you think and if you are a Plotter or Pantser!


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