10429092I hadn’t particularly cared for the book when it had come out, however after reading the majority of the reviews, the book seemed like a must-read. Unfortunately, this book disappointed me.

The story is about a turmoil lurking around a kingdom’s corners, and Elise is secretly wed because it would benefit the two kingdoms, since she is the ‘chosen one’.

The plot is slightly cliche, and the story doesn’t explain a lot of the ‘power’ Elise possess. Elise is displayed to be beyond ordinary, to the point of self-loathing – just because she was overweight and has an older sister who is more dominant.

Elise develops into becoming the people’s hope of winning the war-to-come, and yet her King doesn’t notice or appreciate her, and Elise remains in self-doubt. The book is packed with Elise’s journey and her development to a stronger character that will be able to lead the people when the time comes.

The book solely focuses on character development and progression for Elise. The writing complements the story progression with a lot of descriptions, but I personally found it quite slow and boring, especially because I didn’t care about any of the characters, especially Elise.

Overall I gave this a 3 out of 5 stars. I probably won’t be reading the sequels.

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