When Wishes Bleed: Review

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When Wishes Bleed was such a surprise to read. It had a great start and the plot progressed naturally without any drags.

It follows Sable, the Daughter of Fate, and is written in her first person. She is an interesting character but what I enjoyed most was the unique take on Fate. It was a character which drove the story without even ‘existing’.

Tauren, the crown prince, was a typical YA prince but wasn’t a bore to read either. The supporting characters, Arron, Brecan, Mira, etc. were all well developed.

The magic system “natural affinities” was easy to understand and the world building and descriptions were written vividly. The ending was satisfying and super cute.

Recommended for YA-witchy-romance fans. Overall 5 out of 5 stars.

An Enchantment of Ravens: Review

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This was quite hyped when it first came out. I saw this on Kindle Unlimited and instantly picked it up.

The plot is simple and engaging but the writing is a bit – awkward, it kept disconnecting with me. The plot points are clearly there for the sole reason of giving an ‘example’ of the situation being explained.

For example, during the Barrow Lord fight scene, it depicts the sickness that has taken over the fairy courts. – and that was the only scene where ‘sickness’ is shown to exist. While the descriptions were vivid it didn’t clarify if was due to the ‘sickness’ in the fairy courts or that’s the way it’s always been like.

The characters were likable, but they also were not that well-developed. The ending was predictable yet satisfying.

Recommended for fans of The Cruel Prince and Uprooted.

Overall, 3.5 over 5 stars.

Uprooted: Review

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Uprooted is yet another Beauty and the Beast retelling and I brought it because of that brilliant synopsis, but that’s the only good thing about this book. I was about to DNF it, but somehow, I managed to finish it.

The pacing is VERY slow, and the ending is so eh—confusing? I had to recheck if I was even reading the same book.

The characters are flat, I couldn’t develop any feelings or care towards them. Maybe it is partly due to the way it was written, that is affected the plot and character development. Even their chemistry seems forced. The world building is lacking is many parts including necessary details to the magic system.

Overall 2.5 stars out of 5.

Gilded Rose: Review

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Gilded Rose is a beauty and the beast re-telling, and that’s why, of course I just had to read it! I found this on Kindle Unlimited and read it immediately.

Amicia is strong and willful character. She stays true to her character and decisions until the very end. The beast – or the King of Dreads (named Alexandre) is a typical monster who grows a soft spot for Amicia.

The dual POV story paces really well and the suspense is built around the curse of the dreads. I liked the addition of the Alchemists and Celestials and would read book 2 if it contains more about them.

However, some character incentives and magic systems are not explained well. (i.e. why did Alexandre throw her off the roof? How did Amicia’s father knew so much about Magic/Dreads? Who/What are the Alchemists and how did the come to be?).

Also, we don’t see much of any side characters, except only Bernard. The end felt rushed and slightly off-plot.

Overall, it was an enjoyable, quick read. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Spin The Dawn: Review

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This book is so good! Honestly, the synopsis is enough to make me buy it, but when it was pitched as Mulan inspired, I thought no further. AND YET, saying that undermines how god the book is.

The plot builds up fast and the world is so inviting, with its rich descriptions to the mysterious magic, was instantly drawn to it. The characters are so well thought out and I became instantly invested in them. (Edan being my personal favorite). Both the suspense and the romance builds up intensely as Maia and Eden are on their journey to find and make the mythical magic dresses for the emperors.

Overall 5 out of 5 stars.

Seriously recommended for anyone looking for a quick read of vibrant culture and wild, magical adventure.