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Hey there,


I’m Fariha Khayyam and this is my studio

This little corner of the internet is where I (1) share industry news and my thoughts on recent business developments all over the world, (2) gossip about a wide variety of topics that fall under the broad category of ‘Lifestyle’, and (3) read a ton of fiction books and review them. 


A bit about myself.

I’ve completed my MBA from Loyola University Chicago and have worked in three different industries with varying level of roles. My passion towards Business Studies drove me to major in Marketing, and then to specialize in Entrepreneurship and International Business for my postgraduate studies. – In short, I’m a business geek.

Some fun facts about me: My personality type is INFP. I’m a cat person. And I was born on New Year’s Eve.


Let’s Chat.

I’d love to connect with you on my Twitter or LinkedIn. And, if you are curious on what I’m reading, just head over to My Book Nook, or to My Blog where I write blog posts.

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