We Are Not Shadows Anthology: Coming Soon!

After I self-published Shards – A Poetry Collection few years ago, I knew it’ll be a while for me to come back to poetry because I wanted to venture out in writing fiction/fantasy stories.

Yet, here I am excited to announce my second work-in-making which includes my poetry alongside other awesome contributing authors; We Are Not Shadows – Anthology by Folkways Press.

Check out the announcement here!

What is it about?

We Are Not Shadows was pitched for submissions call and came across my twitter feed. It was an instant click for me because of the single thought behind it’s conception: amplifying the voices of women who have spent all too long behind shadows.

Here’s a snippet of the pitch from Folkways Press Twitter account:

Despite living in a time where more women are speaking up and speaking out about inequality, political issues, and the realities of their day-to-day lives, many are still treated as whispers in the void – as shadows on the wall. We are looking for the words you’ve always wanted to say, but couldn’t find a place to speak them. We are looking for you! Read full pitch here.

Where to read it?

Yes, I too want to read it as soon as I can!!

BUT for that to happen, Folkways Press is running a KickStarter campaign to cover expenses for royalties, printing, marketing and all that fun stuff.

You can pledge any amount you like and there are reward packages starting at USD $1 only and you can get your name on the backers list printed in the book as our way of saying thanks. Any amount pledged will support us, even sharing and retweeting!

Check out the promo video below and the link to the campaign is here.


Folkways Press is an independent publisher dedicated to the unconventional, the extraordinary, and the voices of those who’ve been buried within the margins for far too long. Read more about them on https://www.folkwayspress.com/

Thank you for your support! Don’t forget to share!