Rare Blood: Featured Review


Did Not Finish % 32

Rare Blood is a New Adult Paranormal Romance. It is what initially made me accept the ARC of it. However, it hasn’t lived up to my expectations as far as I’ve read it.

The book starts of with a prologue set in the year 1306. It has a mysterious and dark vibe to it, and I loved it. The chapter starts of with first-person narrative of the Main female character, Miranda. She is a young author who got her first break and happens to sign another writing contract as her circumstances called for. The main male character, Tristan, is also simultaneously introduced.

Tristan, he is a conniving Vampire who does anything for his own good and has now taken interest in Miranda. Miranda is a quirky next-door girl, with a lot of attitude that was honestly too much and often went to the annoying-whiny side. Whenever they meet, it’s mostly pointless banter which issues spanning a lot of pages; He wants her to ‘work’ with him willingly – and his way to convince her includes part-harassing-part-bribing, and She would oppose him at every little thing – only to go with his wishes in the very end.

Some issues that stood out to me were: 1) Tristan is a vampire and has lived for hundred-some years, why doesn’t he know the best way to approach her, especially when he has been watching her!? 2) Miranda’s opinions would change so quickly sometimes within the same chapter that she appeared to be bipolar. At first, she would do and say anything to oppose him, yet when she would finally agree, it would be a simple ‘okay’. I felt that contradicted her character a lot and the pacing of it all, felt weird.

Other issues that made me drop it were the overall pacing of events. The plot seemed to drag on forever with no real path of where it’s headed. Also, the chapters would have third-person narrative start abruptly without any sign to where Miranda’s narrative ended and where the other scene began. Some conflicts would be introduced suddenly, while others had no clear end. As for the side characters, I think they were the only strong points of the whole plot, who acted true to their characters.


Overall: 2 out of 5 stars.


**I received a free copy from Kate Tilton Author Services in exchange for an honest review**


The Dragons of Nova: Review


I was finally able to read this, been looking forward to it since the moment I finished TAoL. And It. Did. Not. Disappoint. (So far, it the best of Elise Kova’s works).

Elise managed to add everything that I felt was missing from book 1, and she did it wonderfully.

This is a direct continuation from the point where book 1 had ended. It is mostly set in the world of the Dragons, Nova, while we do have interludes of Loom in between.
Tensions rise up as Loom prepares for the rebellion, while Ari manages to stay in Nova (without causing too much trouble). We get a ton of characterization to Florence, as she steps-up from being just Ari’s shadow in book 1, to this hardcore woman in this book. We also see a other territories on Loom and new characters are introduced, who give light to the ‘other’ side of Dragon Rule.
As the inner workings of Dragons are introduced, we understand Cvareh a bit more, and so does Ari. Their romance has a gradual build-up and they stay true to their character. We also find out a bit about Ari’s past, but still majority of it is kept undercover.

This book maintains interest throughout, by its fast-paced and entertaining premise. Plot points are partly answered that were left open from book 1, and new twists are introduced. The new characters also have varying personalities that are dived upon enough to make the reader have certain regard towards to them. While the climax of book 1 had dissatisfied me, this book’s climax kept me on the edge until the last page, where is ends in a nasty cliffhanger (why, Elise!!).

I’m looking forward to the final book in the Loom Saga, meanwhile I’ll go re-read this book.

Overall 5 out of 5 Stars.

The Alchemists of Loom: Review

31549513After reading all of Air Awakens series in less than two weeks, I just had to read this. Elise incorporated Dragons, Alchemy, and Steampunk in one gorgeous book, how could I ever not read this!

The writing was different than what Elise had done before, and it fit nicely into the setting of the book. It was POV chapters in third-person narrative. The story mainly revolved around Cvareh, a Dragon, who is on a mission; and Arianna known as the White Wraith – the enemy of all Dragons.

My favorite POV would have to be Petra with all her sass, she is a smart character, and I want to read more of her. Next would be Cvareh, in the course of this book, he grew the most in my opinion, from not caring about almost anything, to going lengths to accomplish something for someone else. Florence, was simply a joy to read.
Arianna, on the other hand, turned a bit annoying from time to time. Her background (and source of her vengeance) was not fully revealed, which I would have preferred. Leona, or more aptly named by Petra as the ‘King’s Bitch’ was a handful in the short chapters of her POV. It successfully also gave a glimpse of how ruthless Dragons can be and why Arianna might despise them.

The world building was amazing. It gave the steampunk vibe, which I absolutely loved, and incorporated elements of Alchemy and Magic seamlessly. That all being said, this is book one in The Loom Saga. There wasn’t a ton of action or romance, that I was hoping for. I also felt their ‘adventure’ to reach The Alchemists Guild was a bit anticlimactic.

Having read Air Awakens, I can positively say that climax-building, plot-twists and cliffhangers are Elise’s strong points, but they weren’t fully present in this book, and that leaves me on the edge of what to expect from the other books in this series.
I’ll be craving for more steampunk action, more angst romance, and a ton of world building from the second book, The Dragons of Nova *Now to wait until I get my hands on it*

Overall 3.5 out of 5 stars.